Electrical Pump Services

Teknik Group offer pump repair and maintenance services throughout Sydney.

Our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers are fully equipped and skilled to carry out Pump Maintenance, Pump Repairs, Pump Replacements and other Facility Services.

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Storm water pumps

Are you at risk of flooding due to a faulty storm water pump? Teknik group provide repairs and maintenance to your storm water pump system to protect vulnerable areas from flooding.

Sewage pumps

Are you having problems with your sewage pump system? We offer repairs and have a range of replacement sewage pumps which come in varies sizes and configurations to suit all applications.

Pressure pumps

Are you having issues with water pressure? Teknik group are skilled and knowledgeable with all types and configurations of water pressure pumps and their control systems.

Water tank & irrigation pumps

Has your water tank pump or irrigation pump stopped working? Teknik group provides repairs and replacements of your water tank and irrigation pumps to help recycle water and protect the environment.

Rain water harvest systems

Do you need a recycled water solution? We cater for all sizes of environmentally friendly rainwater harvest systems whether residential, commercial or high rise.

Water treatment solutions

Do you have water that needs treatment? Our solutions include oil separators, uv filters, aeration units, filtration units, Ozone systems, chemical dosing and sludge tanks.

  • Our Customers

  • Who we services

    • Strata Managed Property
    • Industrial and Warehouse
    • Private Residential
    • Shopping Centers and Public Facilities
    • Retirement and Gated villages
    • High Rise Residential & Commercial
    • Nursing homes and Hospitals

  • Our pump services

  • What we offer

    • Pump Repairs
    • Pump Maintenance
    • Pump Rebuilds
    • Pump Hire
    • Pump Replacements
    • Pump System Troubleshooting
    • Control System Replacement, Rebuild,Installation

  • Specialist services

  • We specialise in the following

    • Level sensing solutions
    • Custom control panels and systems
    • Variable speed drives (VSD)
    • Flow and Pressure sensors
    • Pump Commission & Decommission
    • Pump Telemetry alarm systems (SMS alert)
    • Odour control for sewage & grease systems

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