About us

About Us

Teknik Group has over 20 years of experience in the field of Pumps and Control systems

Teknik Group is located in Sydney NSW, and we pride ourselves on having a track record of high quality work.

We offer honest and ethical service, using only the quality parts.

Honesty Integrity Expertise

Our biggest asset is we are a local family business. Every day we are in contact with a wide range of customers and pump applications, giving us constant challenges, and the pursuit of solutions needed to overcome them. From small garden pumps to large industrial pumps Teknik Group has you covered.

  • Quality

    We pride ourself on the quality of our products and the professionalism of our pump technicans.

  • Integrity

    Knowing our customers past and present feel assured by our honesty and the standard of our workmanship.

  • Value

    Teknik Group provide value for money with affordable pump repairs and maintenamce plans.

  • Experience

    We here at Teknik Group go the extra mile to provide a fast, efficient and friendly service.

Customer Satisfaction and After Care

The team at Teknik group provide the very best customer service possible.

Our Goal is to ensure that customers doing business with us have an easy and trouble free experience. Sshould we carry out works or maintennce on your property and you have a concern, we will glady listen and do our best to rectify the situation. Our customers are our life blood and we deliver the best service possible. All works, labour and materials generally carry a 12 month warranty unless stated on the quotation.

Should you get a new replacement pump installed or work carried out on your pump system, Teknik Group reccommend regular scheduled maintenance to provide reliability and longevity to your pump system. While this may sound like an extra expense, look at it as a guarantee that your pump system will work, giving you peace of mind and assurance. The increased life you gain from the system is more than worth the small additional cost.

Contact Us today about our maintenance packages which are individually tailored to suit your site.