Pump Upgrades & Rebuilds

As much as we dont like it, the life of a pump varies greatly on many factors. These include actual work hours worked, the nature of the liquid being pumped, the pump size, the correct matching of the pump to the load and pipework, the supply voltage, the control system and much more.

Should you require a pump replacement or upgrade, Teknik Group strive to give you the very best advice possible and to supply the correct pump to suit the application, the capacity and the budget.

Often times, surface mounted pumps such as multistage and centrifugal pumps can be rebuilt with new seal kits and gaskets- saving you thousands of Dollars on repairs.

Contact us today for information regarding your existing pump system and any concerns you may have. Combined with our many years of experience in the field and our network of suppliers, we will ensure we supply the right pump for you.

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