Scheduled Pump Service and Maintenance

The whole point of scheduled pump maintenance is to identify concerns before they become a big problem. A faulty switch component, a cable that has become waterlogged or a pump with excessive rust on the base plate, our skilled technicians work through a detailed checklist to ensure nothing is left to chance.

A service of a pump system typically involves going over, testing and cleaning every single component of the pump system including the control panel, the power cables and leads, the transfer cables, the pump pit itself, the pumps, the pipework and hydraulics, the level sensors and much more. Should there be any areas of concern or predicted issues, we will repair the system to ensure there is no risk of malfunction or failure.

Contact us today for an obligation free site appraisal and quotation to maintain your pump system. As we like to think a Pump System maintained by Teknik Group shouldn’t fail.

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