Sewage Pumps


Sewage pumps and sewage systems remain one of the most difficult pumping applications within the industry. Being unable to control what goes into the sewage pump tank (or pit) is what creates unforeseeable issues for our customers.  Read on about what causes issues with sewage pumping systems


Non woven fabrics are manufactured using synthetic fibers, and instead of being woven as fabrics traditionally are, the intersections of each crossing fiber are welded using special chemicals. This allows the fabric to be thinner, lighter and cheaper, yet still allows the fabric to retain its moisture absorbing qualities. Wet wipes, baby wipes, flushable wipes and make up wipes are all examples of non woven fabrics. Unfortunately many people flush these down the toilet as it is in the bathroom where such wipes are typically used. The strong bonded “weave” of these wipes causes them to become jammed within the pumps impellor leading to blockages and overflowing. Basic sewage pumps are no match for these non woven fabrics. Flushable wipes aren’t flushable at all. Flushable wipes block pumps and blocked sewage pumps cause overflowing sewage to occur.


  2. Fats and Oils

oil and fat laden water is a prime culprit in causing sewage pump system failure. Water containing fats and oils is washed down the sink and into the pump pit. In the pump pit however, the water from the washing up area quickly cools. The greases and fats cling to surfaces and stick there, leading to a build up of clogging grease. This same grease also sticks to the liquid level sensors, pumps, and cables, leading to the cables becoming damaged due to the strong alkalis within the fats destroying the chemical make up of the cable sheathing. As each fresh lot of oil and fat laden water is sent into the sewage pit the layers of grease and fat stick to each other and slowly build up in thickness eventually smothering the entire system. This leads to overflows, and pumps that are damaged beyond repair. Overflowing pump pits are a hazard to your health, especially if the pump pit is overflowing in a public area.



Unfortunately  this is a the common problem we see very often.  A sewage pump system needs regular maintenance as without it, the system accumulates layers of sludge and debris. This results in odours which attract vermin and insects such as cockroaches.  This build up continues till the system becomes clogged with solid sludge and debris. System failure follows soon after, leading to overflows. A well maintained sewerage wastewater pump system will last more than three times as long as a system that has none at all.




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